Frequently Asked Questions

Your assured yield is upheld by Intercare maintaining a 35% stake in all care homes so that if there is an unexpected shortfall in occupancy, the company will cover the income.
We are unique because we are the only company on the market offering an already established care home with pre–existing residents. As a result, we offer assured returns.
Homes which focus on privately financed inhabitants, chiefly in more affluent areas of the UK, (the south-east and south-west of England, for example, where around half of all residents are self–subsidising) are performing admirably. Research by Knight Frank indicated that more than 33% of the care homes surveyed are generating an EBITDA in excess of 30%, while 9% demonstrated net revenues of more than 40%.

Of course. If you would like to visit your care home, please speak with our team and we can arrange it for you.
All cash contributions go towards the cost of property acquisitions and repairs, and maintaining the premium levels of care we are able to offer occupants.
All maintenance and damages are covered by the Care Homes. These costs are not passed down to the individual owners.

You get up to 10% profit for your underlying venture. You may then choose to reinvest in additional care homes within our portfolio at a reduced cost.
Care and support in our homes is provided by INTERCARE. Its administrative staff experience working in a variety of adult care settings. As accredited, registered supervisors, our staff members have more than 50 years of combined experience overseeing private, nursing, and domiciliary care groups. They ensure that our care homes comply with Care Quality Commission (CQC) and Gold Standard Framework guidelines, as well as those of the Health and Social Care Act.

A care room is a living space in one of our homes, designed to make life easier for residents.
You buy the 250 year leasehold of a studio inside our care home portfolio. The lease is auto renewable so a virtual freehold. You will receive quarterly returns paid directly to your bank account.
You continue to receive a base return per annum. This is paid regardless of whether the care studio is purchased or not. In Years 3, 5, 9, 15, and 20 we offer a buy-back option.