Top characteristics of an investor-friendly care home

One of the world’s fastest-growing property investment sectors, the UK’s care home industry is a golden opportunity for risk-free and high-yielding investments while helping to cover the massive shortage of care beds. Here’s what a smart care investment looks like.

Multi-layered holistic care lifestyles

Despite the economic uncertainly brought on by the pandemic, Knight Frank reports that upmarket care home providers in the UK are one of the most financially viable private pay markets in the nation. There are a growing number of elderly citizens with complex needs who require bespoke long-term care, rehabilitation, and reablement schemes; the number of dementia patients alone is expected to rise to 1.6 million in 2050, necessitating one-on-one care expertise. Even despite the recent outbreak, the senior housing sector is expecting a rise in demand by 150% over the next five years due to longer life expectancy, more affluent elderly, and a shrinking dependency ratio. The “grey pound” feeds £ 300 billion into the UK’s economy; and is increasingly being channelled into state-of-the-art care homes, proffering tried-and-tested treatments and wholesome lifestyle amenities for diverse personalities, values, and goals. Therefore, the luxury residential care sector can provide local and global investors with a risk-free and high-return venture.

An empowering and home-like culture

The UK’s 85+ age group is expected to see an annual increase of 27.5% over the next decade, which is 16 times the country’s working-age population growth. Despite this, the care home industry is also one of the most undersupplied in the UK, with a demand for 10, 000 additional elderly care beds per annum and an overall lack in purpose-built, institutional-grade care homes.  In addition to this, investors must seek our resident-oriented care homes, as UK’s wealthy senior citizens are outgrowing the clinical “straitjacket” of hospital-style care and opting for a retreat-style home and a close-knit community. The ideal residential mental health care homes in the UK, for instance, assign unique Personalized Care and Support Plans (PCSPs) to each resident, organizes fun activities to stimulate social interaction and cognitive stimulation, and allows residents the dignity of making their own decisions as much as possible.

Surpassing of care quality standards

The UK’s elderly mental health care homes signify an ethical investment, as the country is in dire need of top-of-the-line care premises with safe and functional amenities. However, it’s up to investors to select care homes that achieve outstanding rankings during CQC and CWS inspections while prioritizing the peace of mind, respectful treatment, and person-centred care of patients. Whether it’s specialized in palliative, convalescent, stroke recovery, or dementia care, the best care home companies in the UK consist of qualified and motivated care staff aided by multidisciplinary teams, who work towards enriching and celebrating the golden years of their valued senior residents. 

Expert collaborations with tech assistance

Enhancing the quality of care provided on a community level through data-driven alliances with medical and social care commissioners working towards a common goal should not be overlooked.  Any experienced fellow investor would tell you to research the rapport that a care home has with the local GPs, pharmacists, physiotherapists, and lifestyle coaches, which will give you a picture of how dedicated they are towards proactive and holistic care. Additionally, a communication-rich care model fuelled by centralized digital systems can help to avoid dangerous mistakes, increase responsiveness during emergencies, and avoid the wastage of vital resources.

A customized investor package

Imagine an investment more resilient during economic fluctuations than stock market shares, Bitcoin, and money market purchases, with no development risk and an already established cash flow.  Though it sounds too good to be true, which is just what investing in a reputed fully-operational buy-to-let care property will yield! Just make sure that the company proffers a competitive set of investment opportunities, such as 10% per annum NET ROI, value-added amenities, multi-faceted specialist services, and a hands-free ride without any “landlord” costs.

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